Uniform Patrol Division

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The Uniform Patrol Division responds to, but is not limited to, complaints from the citizens of and visitors to the City of Hardeeville. When not responding to calls, officers patrol the business and residential areas of the city, deter and detect criminal activity, and enforce all traffic law violations providing coverage 24 hours per day.

Name Title Email Phone
Ager, Aaron Sergeant 843-784-2233
Bizzoco, Michael Corporal 843-784-2233
Creel, Dustin Sergeant 843-784-2233
DiCarlo, Niklas Patrolman 843-784-2233
Dickerson, Kyle Patrolman 843-784-2233
Dodson, Eric Sergeant 843-784-2233
Fredericks, Conor Patrolman First Class 843-784-2233
James, Peter Sergeant 843-784-2233
Jenkins, Jonah Lieutenant 843-784-2233
Kuel, Gabriel Patrolman 843-784-2233
Monge, Edgar Patrolman First Class 843-784-2233
Stone, Jason Sergeant 843-784-2233
Stoner, Blake Patrolman 843-784-2233
Strube, Kodie Patrolman 843-784-2233
Thibeault, Arthur Patrolman First Class 843-784-2233
Torres, Oscar Patrolman First Class 843-784-2233