City Documents & Maps

  • The Planning staff at the City of Hardeeville offer multiple services to residents, business owners, and prospective developers.  These services include:
    • answering questions about zoning districts, requirements, and regulations
    • reviewing and approving development projects
    • issuing general permits for new businesses, new homes, new signs, site clearing
    • approving subdivision, combination, and boundary plats
    • providing the public with maps, reports, and information on future planning and growth management.

    Please call the Planning & Development department at 843-784-2231 if you have questions in these matters or others related to planning activities.  Please note that zoning code enforcement is handled through the Code Enforcement Officer with the City of Hardeeville Police Department.



    All planning-related activities revolve around the City of Hardeeville’s Comprehensive Plan, which inventories current conditions in the City and sets a blueprint for guiding future land development based on the inventory and future expectations.  Every ten years, the City of Hardeeville releases a new Comprehensive Plan in accordance with state law.  Comprehensive Plans are updated after five years to reflect changes that may have occurred or are necessary to update. The current Comp Plan was drafted by the City in 2009, adopted by City Council in January 2010 and is scheduled to be updated in 2014. 

    You can view the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan here.



    The Municipal Zoning & Development Ordinance is the governing document that covers zoning regulations and land development regulations for the City of Hardeeville.  The current MZDO was adopted in 2008 and has had some updates since that time.

    You can view the Municipal Zoning & Development Ordinance here



    The Official Zoning Map shows which areas of the City are zoned for what zoning district.  Every parcel within Hardeeville City Limits has a zoning district designation and is subject to standards in the MZDO. 

    Listed below are several resource maps that are available for free download in a printer-friendly format (8.5″ x 11″) or in an “easy viewing” format. These maps, in addition to customizable maps, are available at City Hall ($5 for an 11″ x 17″ map). If you have a request for a specific or customized map, please contact the Planning & Development department at 843-784-2231.

    City Limits Map

    Development Map

    Zoning Map