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It is the mission of the Hardeeville Police Department to consistently provide a level of service that improves the quality of life for the residents and visitors. We recognize our ethical responsibility and commit ourselves to a high standard of professional accountability. Dignity and respect for all individuals has provided the foundation for our community policing partnerships. Our mission is accomplished through collaborative efforts between the police department and the community by employing proactive policing strategies and problem solving.

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Safety Tips from Chief Woodward:

Telephone Scams                                                                                         07/01/2015


What is a Telephone Scam?

            A Telephone scam is conducted by a fraudster claiming to be a representative from a company / corporation / government entity: a cable company, gas and electric company, Internal Revenue Service – IRS, and also the Jasper County Sheriffs Office. The fraudster then tells the victim that they are in default for a debt that must be paid immediately to avoid services turned off or civil action pursued against them. The fraudster could also claim to be a representative from a lottery company claiming the victim has won earnings and that immediate action, such as paying taxes on the winnings, is necessary to secure their winnings. In either cases, the fraudster usually tells the victim to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak, a prepaid card, to which the victim is to “load” a specified amount of money to the Green Dot MoneyPak card and to call the fraudster back to give them the serial number on the card via telephone. Another method is victims are told to purchase a money order to send to the fraudster for the debt owed.

Fraudsters primarily use the Green Dot MoneyPak card because it isn’t linked to a bank account and just like cash, is untraceable. Unlike cash, though, the transaction can be done over the phone, so it’s totally anonymous, making it just about impossible to catch the fraudster. Also, the card offers no consumer protection from fraud, so the victim isn’t getting their money back.

Safety Tips:

  • Never give personal information to a stranger.
  • Be wary of anyone who calls on the phone trying to collect a debt. Look up the phone number of the organization the caller claims to represent (not the number on the caller ID) and check on your account.
  • Call local police and ask whether residents have reported suspicious phone calls. You might also inquire about door-to-door collectors or salespeople.
  • Keep in mind that many organizations don’t accept payment via prepaid card. Be wary of anyone who’s asking for this type of payment.
  • Green Dot Corporation has its own tips for how to avoid fraud, and they discourage consumers from ever handing over a prepaid card number to anyone. Click Here
  • Seniors are considered easy prey to fraudsters, so help keep your parents, grandparents, or other elders safe by informing them about the latest scams.


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