Posted on: May 18, 2017

Does Hardeeville have one of the weirdest stores in America? Jimmy Kimmel thinks so

Golf balls and fireworks might seem like an odd combination of products to sell. But Jimmy Kimmel got an education on the Lowcountry during Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

As part of his ‘Wall of America’ segment, the late night host spotlighted three shops across the United States that specialize in a weird combination of goods. And one store was right here in our backyard.

If you’re headed up U.S. 278, you can’t miss Hardeeville’s Golf Ball Outlet & Fireworks Mega Store at the I-95 exit.

“We’re entertainers, just like you,” the manager told Kimmel. “That’s what we’re in the business of.”

So why golf balls? And why fireworks?

“We’re right where people exit off going to Hilton Head. And in South Carolina, fireworks, it’s just like a culture.”

Do they sell gift cards, especially during the Christmas season? Yep. And for the customers that can’t choose, they even have exploding golf balls.

But you can’t smoke inside.

“We’ll keep Snoop Dogg (one of the night’s guests) out of the place,” Kimmel replied.

As part of the same segment, a store in Missouri specializing in towing, ice cream, locksmith, computer repair and fitness was featured as well as a Utah store that sells violins, paintball, food storage -- and even throwing stars.

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