1. Bid Opportunities

    View current bid opportunities with the City of Hardeeville, and download the necessary procurement forms.

  2. Business Licenses

    Any business, including a home based business, that is located in, or performs work in the City of Hardeeville is required by the Business License Ordinance Section 11-15 through 11-43 to purchase a business license each year.

  3. City Employment

    Find and apply for available positions with the City of Hardeeville.

  4. Doing Business with the City of Hardeeville

    The City has both formal and informal procurement procedures. Informal procedures are used when the City makes purchases less than $25,000 and formal procedures are used when purchases exceed $25,000.

  5. Economic Development

    The City of Hardeeville stands poised to become the economic crown jewel of both South Carolina and the Southeast over the next two decades. Learn more about business development programs in our area.

  6. Project Update Status Reports

    View reports outlining current and proposed projects, purchases and programs.

  7. Tourism Fees

    South Carolina charges a 2% hospitality fee and a 3% accommodation fee on all hotels and motels. While the City of Hardeeville collects this money, the way the City uses it is carefully regulated by South Carolina Law.