Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division responds to, but is not limited to, complaints from the citizens of and visitors to the City of Hardeeville. When not responding to calls, officers patrol the business and residential areas of the city, deter and detect criminal activity, and enforce all traffic law violations providing coverage 24 hours per day.

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K-9 Division

The Hardeeville Police Department's K-9 Division consists of 1 police dog and handler team. The team is certified in a specialty function. The team responds to and investigates narcotics calls.

K-9 Marcha has been with the Hardeeville Police Department since May of 2014. She is certified in the area of narcotics detection.

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Special Services Division

The Special Services Division entails multiple job functions such as code enforcement and animal control.

The Special Services officer investigates municipal code and land management ordinance violations received from the city staff as well as the public. These investigations are based upon field inspections and in the case where a summons is issued based on the violation; the cases are prosecuted in the municipal court. The Special Services officer strives to educate the public regarding city ordinances and will work with the public for voluntary compliance.

The Special Services officer also responds to animal control complaints received from city staff as well as the public.

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School Resource Officer (SRO) Division

The School Resource Officer (SRO) provides law enforcement and police services to the school. These duties include the investigation of criminal incidents per police department policies and procedures. The (SRO) is highly visible in the school community and maintains a close partnership with school administrators.

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Investigation Division

Investigators conduct follow up investigations of reports of criminal activity and initiate preliminary investigations. Investigators are sworn personnel trained as Investigators and/or evidence technicians. Primary responsibilities are to gather and review all available evidence in a case, analyze solvability factors, develop probable cause to arrest a subject and present the case in court.

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Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Division

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is a component within the U.S. Department of Justice dedicated to community policing. The COPS Division works collaboratively with the community to address citizen's issues and concerns.

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Records Division

The Records Division specialist is tasked with collecting and maintaining all police reports and documents for the police Department. The records specialist also disseminates reports to the general public and media centers, per the Freedom of Information Act.

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Victim Advocate Division

The Victim Advocate Division is responsible for offering victims information, emotional support, help finding resources, and filling out paperwork. The victim advocate may also accompany victims during court proceedings.

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