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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Hardeeville Police Department to consistently provide a level of service that improves the quality of life for the residents and visitors. We recognize our ethical responsibility and commit ourselves to a high standard of professional accountability. Dignity and respect for all individuals has provided the foundation for our community policing partnerships. Our mission is accomplished through collaborative efforts between the police department and the community by employing proactive policing strategies and problem solving.
A brick sign which reads, "Hardeeville Police Department and Municipal Court."

Safety Tips From Chief:


Home Safety Tips                                                                         02/01/2017


This months safety tip will relate to home safety. Help insure that your home is as safe as possible when you leave, or when you’re at home. Here are a few tips to be mindful of:

-           If possible, equip your house or apartment door with a peephole and dead bolt lock with a one-inch throw.

-           Use outside lighting whenever possible.

-           Never hide your door key in a flower pot or under a mat. In fact, don't hide your door key anywhere outside your residence.

-           Be alert when returning home by having your key ready as you approach the door; in addition, if you think someone is inside, don’t go in! Call the police from a nearby phone.

-           Inform a trusted neighbor of travel plans. Have him or her collect mail and other deliveries. Don’t share your plans with strangers. Put 2 or more lights on a timer. Use them daily, not just when you're away.

-           Make certain your door is locked whenever you leave, even if only for a short time. Never leave your purse or valuables visibly unattended.

-           Be sure all windows have secure frames and locks. Secure sliding doors by placing a strong piece of wood in the track. Install locks to prevent sliding or lifting. Use window key locks. Keep keys in locks for quick exit in case of emergency or fire. Consider grates for basement and first floor windows.