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It is the mission of the Hardeeville Police Department to consistently provide a level of service that improves the quality of life for the residents and visitors. We recognize our ethical responsibility and commit ourselves to a high standard of professional accountability. Dignity and respect for all individuals has provided the foundation for our community policing partnerships. Our mission is accomplished through collaborative efforts between the police department and the community by employing proactive policing strategies and problem solving.
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Safety Tips From Chief:


Vehicle Theft Prevention                                                            12/01/2017


This months safety tip will relate to auto theft prevention. Vehicle break-ins are usually the result of something within the vehicle worth stealing. Most vehicle break-ins resulting in theft of items therein are “crimes of opportunity” that could be prevented by ensuring you take preventative measures like these listed below:

-           Valuables primarily, but not solely, targeted include GPS navigation systems, MP3 players, cell phones, wallets / credit cards / cash, packages, shopping bags, etc.

-           Don’t leave valuables within your vehicle. If you leave valuables within your vehicle that are in plain sight, your vehicle break-in chances increase greatly.

-           If you cannot remove valuables due to traveling, place the valuables out of sight BEFORE you arrive at your destination. You never know who could be watching you when you arrive at your destination and waiting for you to leave your vehicle to break into it. Place valuables out of sight utilizing center consoles, glove boxes, trunks, etc.

-           Don’t leave a trace that there might be valuables that are out of sight within the vehicle. Things such as a suction cup ring on your windshield might lead a thief to believe there is a GPS navigation unit within the vehicle hidden.

-           Remember to lock all doors and ensure that all windows are completely rolled up. Even if your just running into a service station to prepay gas or purchase 1 item, thefts only take seconds to execute and any window of opportunity you close to a would-be thief could protect you and your property

-           Don’t leave spare keys within the vehicle. Make sure you secure all keys to a vehicle within a safe location such as a wallet or purse, but never within the vehicle.

-           Alarm systems work. Having an alarm system is an added deterrent for thieves, however, just due to having an alarm system doesn’t mean a thief won’t break into your vehicle if there are things of value left in plain sight.