Media Department


The Media Department has several responsibilities. First and foremost it is here to inform the public of what is taking place in the government around Hardeeville and the surrounding areas. The Media Department records events around the community, including Hardeeville's Catfish Festival and their Christmas program, among many others. Along with the HTVN TV station, the Media Department is also responsible for the upkeep of the City's website and for sending news releases from the City out to other media outlets.

HTVN - Government Access Television

The City's government access television station plays an important role in getting out information to the public. HTVN 9 can be seen on the Hargray channel 9 (digital cable 117) and Time Warner channel 1305 cable systems, and airs City Council meetings, County Council meetings, Ridgeland Cown Council meetings, and others. HTVN also airs public service announcements and Hometown Hardeeville, a local news-type program.
  1. HTVN Channel 9 Programming

    HTVN Channel 9 provides residents and visitors with first-hand information on what’s going on in Hardeeville. View a schedule of HTVN programming, as well as recordings of past broadcasts.

  2. Media Staff

    Learn more about the Media Department's staff members, and find out how to reach them.

  3. Other Local Media

    Find links to other local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations.