Planning & Development

Our Mission

The mission of the Planning and Development Department is to promote managed growth in City of Hardeeville by maintaining a comprehensive planning program which minimizes land use conflicts, coordinates the provision of public services, and optimizes the quality of life for all city residents, while maintaining full compliance with City codes and ordinances.

Department Functions

The Department has three primary functions: economic development, planning and zoning regulation, and building regulation. These functions work closely to recruit business, review projects, issue permits, and ensure code compliance on existing properties and new building projects.

In addition to a professional and friendly staff, several activities of the Planning and Development department are also overseen by City Council, as well as several boards and commissions made up of City residents and business owners.
  1. Board of Zoning Appeals

    The Board of Zoning Appeals provides the ability to grant relief from the Municipal Zoning and Development Ordinance through the granting of variances and special exceptions. It also reviews appeals to administrative decisions.

  2. City Documents & Maps

    View and download Planning Forms and Applications, the City's Comprehensive Plan, Municipal Zoning and Development Ordinances, and City Maps.

  3. Code Enforcement

    The Special Services Division entails multiple job functions such as code enforcement and animal control.

  4. Downtown Development

    Our mission is to build upon a century of history and hospitality in forming a dynamic, diverse, and attractive Lowcountry community for the 21st Century - a downtown that makes our citizens proud, our businesses successful, and our visitors fulfilled.

  5. Economic Development

    The City of Hardeeville stands poised to become the economic crown jewel of both South Carolina and the Southeast over the next two decades. Learn more about business development programs in our area.

  6. Forms & Applications

    Find a list of Planning and Development forms available for download.

  7. GIS

  8. Planned Development Districts

    Since the turn of this century, Hardeeville has experienced rapid growth and has received significant development interest. In a response to these pressures, the City has worked proactively with prospective developers and other stakeholders to manage growth responsibly.

  9. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission serves as the public’s first opportunity to comment on proposed planning and zoning changes. Its duty is to engage in a continuing program for the physical, social, and economic growth, development, and redevelopment of the City.

  10. Planning Staff

    Learn more about Planning and Development Department staff and how to reach them.

  11. Property Improvement Program

    The City of Hardeeville’s Property Improvement Funding Assistance Program provides grant funds to help finance exterior improvements to an owner or tenant’s commercial or multi-family residential property that will be aesthetically pleasing and in compliance with all applicable zoning codes and design standards.